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Placenta Encapsulation

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

The Placenta is full of vitamins, minerals and hormones that are available to you after birth.  The purpose of consuming your placenta is to reintroduce some of these nutrients back to your body for a smoother transition into the 4th trimester. Placenta medicine is made to nourish your body as you care for your newborn can help reduce postpartum bleeding, increase milk supply, replenish nutrients, help with baby blues and increase energy levels. 

Package Pricing:


Encapsulation process of your choosing.

Raw, Traditional Chinese Method, or half/half


Additional Information

Multi-Service Discount & Gift Cards:

  • I love my clients and it shows! 10% off is offered to repeat families. This is also honored when my services are booked for the first time and more than one service option is purchased.

  • Gift cards are also available upon request. Our gift certificates start in the amount of $100 and can be customized to represent a package option.

All Placenta Services Include

  • Instructions; what to take to the hospital for your placenta for proper storage and how to contact me to coordinate pick-up

  • Postpartum guide; a detailed manual about placenta encapsulation and guide to consuming

  • Quick-turnaround; your encapsulated placenta products are returned to you within 24 to 48 of being in my possession

  • Email Support; Email and phone support for any questions or concerns you may have during your pregnancy or postpartum

  • Cord Keepsake; the cord that connected you to your baby while growing inside you can be preserved through dehydration. The cord can be shaped into a heart or spiral depending on length

  • Placenta Tincture; the tincture is made with high quality organic gluten free vodka and is allowed to steep for 6 weeks. It has an indefinite shelf life making it a great resource to prolong the benefits of your placenta

Raw and TCM (Traditional Chinese Method)


  • To prepare the placenta for encapsulation using the traditional chinese method, first the placenta is thouroughly washed. Then the placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger for a warming effect. In the yin/yang philosophy the raw placenta is considered to be very yin (cold), therefore by steaming the placenta it is adding yang (hot) energy that will help to nourish the postpartum mother.After steaming, the placenta is then dehydrated at 145 degrees Fahrenheit and then ground into a powder and put into capsules.

  • Preparing the placenta using the Raw method the placenta is washed, then sliced and immediately put in the dehydrator using a low temperature of 116 degrees fahrenheit. The theory in the raw method is that drying the placenta at a low temperature maintains the integrity of the nutrients. 


  •  A piece of the placenta is steeped in alcohol for 6 weeks to create a tincture that contains the powerful nutrients and hormones of your placenta to provide balance when your body needs it.

  • Included along with your placenta medicine is a cord keepsake and tincture. 


  • I request payment be made when you hire me to reserve your spot and ensure I will be on call during your estimated due date. 

  • If your placenta is unable to be processed due to medical concerns $50 will be retained for being on call and the rest will be refunded back to you.


  • I recommend having your cooler and ziploc bags packed by 37 weeks.

  • Lunch box size cooler (Please don’t use Styrofoam or fabric coolers as they leak, don’t keep placentas cold enough and can’t be cleaned properly)

  • Two freezer-strength ziploc bags(most hospitals provide a small container, but sometimes they are too large to fit in your cooler, so it’s best to come prepared


  • Text or Call me at 707-280-2777 once in labor.

  • Advanced notice helps me to begin to arrange my day around your baby’s birth.

  • This is especially important when birthing at one of the hospitals that has a deadline for pick-up. Keep in mind that if you contact me in the middle of the night I may not respond until morning.

  • Make sure to let your care providers know that you are planning on keeping your placenta. 

Notification Process

  • Call me once your baby is born. We will arrange a time for me to come and pick up your placenta.

  • Bonding with your baby is important. I retrieve your placenta after you've had the chance to bond for at least one hour.

  • Your nurse will put your placenta in the two provided ziploc bags or sometimes in a plastic container they already have on hand. They will then fill your cooler with ice to store your placenta. It is very important that the placenta stays cold, so please be sure to check that the ice remains fresh.

  • I will meet with your partner out front of the place you are birthing to pick up your placenta.​

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